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to improve my english

i’ve just watched some JTCanadian’s videos. she adviced to make an english blog to improve my english and to not be shy if there wil be a lot of mistakes. so..i decided to try to do it. every day i will post something about my day, my dreams, things which make me angry or confused, some songs and pictures which inspire me. and other bullshit that nobody cares.

ok, its too much, not every day.

today i would like to speak about Canada, JTCanadian, and my dreams.

so, i was bored and found a video about Toronto “Ice city Toronto” on youtube by chance. after watching this movie  (i didnt like it) i found JTCanadian’s channel. It’s a girl from Russia who studying in Toronto. she makes videos about her experience there. so it paid my attention because before i followed that people who describe how to migrate to Canada and survive the first period of time there and it was only adults. JTCanadian are younger than me, she is a first-year student. and she says nothing about migration.

well, yes, Canada is my dream , i want to move there one day. It began one year ago when i…actually i cant remember why it happened. just happened and now i’m addicted to Canada, canadians, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver…everything about this country. i hope one day my dream will come true. aaand i guess that’s all for today.

p.s. to be honest everything written higher is just to write something in english.  





I know you specifically asked not to be sent things like this ! sorry ^_^”

Its Draco and Harry but it sorta reminds me of your scene with Max Carter….I don’t own this but I thought you’d love the artistic look :D

Nah, this is cool.

Hahaha actually, before I read your description I thought Draco was Jett Black and Harry was Levi (as if the artist just happened to give him glasses). I’m going to keep convincing myself that it’s Jett and Levi because I don’t really want to ruin Harry Potter for myself. I do like that artist’s style though.

Yoooooo that is Jett Black to the t!

And doesn’t it look like a scene from one of the windows things jakejaxson did?

Jett Black & Levi Karter for “windows & doorways”

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